Apply to LORDE:

1. Contact one of corporation recruiters
2. Press button below. It will allow us to check your ESI
3. Follow the instruction in each step
4. Wait for response from recruiter



Ships Destroyed

Replacement Program



LORDE is alliance offering unique community. Each of our corporations has own personality and specialisation. We fly together and we have fun together.

Great region

Our alliance is based in Perrigen Falls & Oasa. It's great region for both ratting and mining. Our complex jump bridge system allows you to travel quickly through systems

Seasoned Fleet Commanders

Our fleet commanders give you unique opportunity to participate in many amazing fights. We participate in small roams as well as in large battles with thousands of players

Well stocked market

We are selling plenty of items. In our market you can find cheap t1 frigates as well as expensive capital ships. You need t2 rigs? Skillbook? Exotic dancers? You will surely buy it here

PVP Classes

If you want to learn how to PVP join our classes. In our coalition you will lear how to fly anything from small interceptors, through logistic ships up to large capital ships

Real life first

We believe that real life is the most important. You need some time to fix real life issues? That is not problem for us
When LORDE fleet was entering Delve we were docking up our supers

Ex Goonswarm Player


LORDE is proud member of Winter Coalition. We are based in nullsec. Our large group of active players is looking for new players whose would like to become part of our family

Want to know more?
Join "LORDE Pub" in game and catch one of our recruiters
We were asked to stop feeding LORDE



bil vs bil
Killed vs Lost